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Recruiting real estate agents can be challenging.

  In today's market, many real estate brokers struggle with how to recruit agents. Many articles are written offering different real estate recruiting ideas and tips. There are also agent recruiting services offering to help. The problem with these, though, is that they all require a significant amount of time, effort and money!

Wouldn't it be nice if instead real estate agents recruited real estate brokers?

  At Agent Broker Link, we turn real estate recruiting upside-down. By joining Agent Broker Link, you become instantly visible to thousands of real estate agents searching our network for a broker to hang their license with. Who are these agents? All licensed real estate agents are encouraged to join Agent Broker Link. This includes both new and experienced agents. The way we see it... the more agents we have, the more you have to choose from. And every time a real estate agent selects you, we notify you via email. It's that simple.

Sounds good, but how much does it cost?

  It is 100% FREE to join Agent Broker Link, so rest assured you can join with no cost, risk or obligation. And we will email you each time a real estate agent wants to speak with you regarding employment. This email will include some valuable information about the agent such as location, full/part time status, and years of experience. At this point, you are in complete control. If you choose not to contact the agent, there is no cost or obligation. If you choose to contact the agent, Agent Broker Link charges $9.95 for the agent's contact information. This is our only fee!

Still not convinced?

  Since 2005, Agent Broker Link has been helping real estate brokers find and recruit real estate agents. During this time, Agent Broker Link has proven to be an effective recruiting tool because it does not require a significant amount of time, effort or money. So, why not join? There is no cost, risk or obligation to join. And if you don't join, real estate agents may search our network and find a competitor. Agent Broker Link is also secured with a high-assurance SSL Certificate, which provides you with the confidence in knowing that we are who we say we are and that your information is safe with us. Finally, we will never sell or rent your information to third parties!

Agent Broker Link - Real Estate Agent Recruiting in 3 easy steps:

Real Estate Recruiting

  Step 1 - Join Agent Broker Link

Joining Agent Broker Link is quick, easy and it's FREE! It takes less than 5 minutes. We will need the following information from you:

The information you provide will never be sold to third parties! It will only be used to help you recruit agents. Privacy Policy

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents

  Step 2 - Check Your Email

Now that you have joined, real estate agents can begin recruiting you! Be sure to check your email regularly. Agent Broker Link will email you each time you are selected by an agent. The email will contain the following general information about the agent:

So, what does this email look like? Interested Agent Email

Recruiting Real Estate Agents

  Step 3 - Finish The Link

At this point, you have been notified that a real estate agent is interested in speaking with you regarding employment. You also have some general information about this agent.

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Start Recruiting Real Estate Agents Today!

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